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Web Design Trends for 2011

Web Design Trends for 2011

2011 web trends

Want to keep up with the latest design trends on your business’ website? Below are just a few of the predicted web design trends for 2011 …

  • Clean, simple, web design with high attention to detail  – distinctive icons, big beautiful typography, and elegant design
  • Simple, clean color schemes
  • Flash-only sites are on their way out. Although integration of some flash graphics into your regular site can be lovely. (see San Juan Mountain Guide’s new compass navigation)
  • Increasing depth perception in graphics. (You may have this now with shadows and photoshop effects)
  • Large photo backgrounds that are content-appropriate. These should not overshadow your content, but be in harmony with it.
  • More emphasis will be placed on nice fonts as the possibilities increase for font use on the web – although not all browser versions support it, their time is coming
  • In the very near future, think: designing for touch screens, and liquid layouts that can go from horizontal to vertical layout. Sound like fun? I’m excited!
  • Increased focus on the constant connection through “life stream” social media, where users are more visible and website are no longer so sterile
  • More of a need to have a mobile version of your website for smart phones. Many companies need to be doing this now, depending on their audience
  • Stronger interaction for a richer viewer experience
  • More design dollars being spent on having a bigger web presence for your brand – branding is still of the utmost importance for a business, however many of the former print dollars will be spent on carrying the business brand through website design and social media design over print

If you have any questions on these trends or would like to integrate some of them into your website, give us a call. OR if your website is standing still and needs a boost with an easier-to-update format, better stream of information and better graphics, we can help. Our custom WordPress Websites make it easy for you to have all this and more. (970)626-4437 or email Kellie.

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2011 Tips for a Great Website Redesign

2011 Tips for a Great Website Redesign

website redesign imageGood design conveys that your product is good. And I’m a firm believer in that. If you are heading into the new year thinking about a website redesign, or even if you’re not, here are a few tips.

1)   Know your goals –

Know your site goals and design the site’s functionality around that. Don’t complicate the site, distract viewers and increase the budget by adding functionality that doesn’t lead to your end goal.

2)   Communicate, communicate, communicate –

Your designer doesn’t undertand the ins and outs of your product or service, and you may not understand the effect layout or color palette has on a website viewer. Keep the lines of communication open with all parties all the time. The better the designer and client understand eachother, the better the results of the project will be.

3)   Research and Conquer –

I like to tell clients that the best way to obtain their ideal website is to research their favorite elements of other websites, such as slide show, navigation, layout, etc, and combine them all into their ideal site. This takes research, so if you know your redesign is coming up, keep your eyes peeled, and bookmark your favorites so you can show your designer when the time comes.

4)   Happiness is a formula –

Want to be happy with the end website result? Discuss your expectations up front. Including design, timeline, budget, and your business goals.

5)   Think about the future of your business –

Don’t forget to share your longer term growth plans with your designer as well, so the site can be designed for expansion. No one ever took over the world without a plan.

Interested in discussing your website redesign with Dayzign Graphics?

We offer a complementary consultation. Call or email today to discuss your upcoming design project. The first 30 minute consultation is on us! (970) 626-4437.

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Weehawken Creative Arts Gets a Web Redesign

Weehawken Creative Arts Gets a Web Redesign

The nonprofit had grown beyond their britches – a good sign – and was ready for sophisticated class software to make class registration streamline. They also realized it was time for an updated web design to reflect the level of distinction their organization was striving for.

Weehawken creative arts gets a website redesign

Weehawken Creative Arts is a splendid community resource that enhances our area by providing creative arts classes along with dance classes and performances.

Dayzign Graphics partnered with Weehawken to create a lively new look for the site. As usual, functionality was as important as design, so we brought on our new programmer to find the best solution for integrating their class software with the design.

Not only does the site have a great new look and clear navigation, it also automatically pulls in classes from the organization’s back end software. Updating schedules is now a one-stop shop. And viewers can click on any class to immediately sign up.

A plugin was added to this custom WordPress site that automatically feeds any new blog posts directly into Weehawken’s facebook account as well. All updates need only be done once ­ – one of the main goals of the client.

Stephanie Wallin, Program Coordinator for Weehawken, says of the project: “Weehawken Creative Arts is thrilled to have partnered with local talent Dayzign Graphics in our website redesign.  The Dayzign team really listened to our needs, and took on the challenge of meeting them.  We had a wonderful experience as the team pulled together to deliver a product that was functional yet highly attractive, and most importantly easy to build upon!  We received a tremendous amount of support and enthusiasm to help us take our website and business to the next level.  We couldn’t be more satisfied and excited with our choice of Dazyzign Graphics.”

We loved working with Weehawken and were proud to partner with this excellent community resource! If you are interested in any creative arts or movement classes, we highly encourage you to visit the new website and see what they offer:

Stay tuned for more fun projects to be showcased in 2011!

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