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Customize your website to meet client needs

Customize your website to meet client needs

Rigging for Rescue offers technical ropework seminars to military, fire, rescue teams, climbers and anyone in need of an in-depth knowledge of rope rescue. As technical as you want to get, they know their stuff.

They wanted equally as proficient a website, and we rose to the challenge and developed a custom client response system, along with a updated look for the site. To meet the needs of individuals and groups booking online, viewers can browse the seminars offered by category, and see all the details. Customers can then book online and receive letters, certifications, and specify group settings all through the site.

Meanwhile in the office, we trained R4R staff to maintain their site. And as always, we remain available for any support they need as their business grows. We know how tough it can be to get good web support, and we pride ourselves on good customer support.

Along with a new wordpress website design that’s in sync with their branding, Rigging for Rescue now has a stronger online brand than ever, that’s in sync with their logo we developed several years ago.

You can visit their new website here for a closer look! Thanks Rigging for Rescue!

If you’d like to create a new web design, or customize your website, please contact us here.

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