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Bad-ass Barbie gets a facelift

Bad-ass Barbie gets a facelift

Athenafit personal trainer, albuquerque NM

The owner of Athenafit provides more than dead weight during personal training sessions…

Carolyn Parker, a.k.a. “Bad-ass Barbie” dishes out inspiration, nutrition and workouts, along with laughter and tears with her many, dedicated clients.

Parker has a growing business and a passionate clientele.

After building a new training studio, she teamed up with Dayzign Graphics to take her visual brand to the next level of inspiration. We started with her Greek-goddess inspired logo, Athena, and toughen her up a bit. There’s still love and compassion in the figure, but people don’t come to Carolyn Parker for compassion. They come to get hard bodies and set big goals.

Once the new logo was in place, we hit the ground running with an updated website design to match. The site layout, color palette and fonts were established and then built in wordpress. (Our fav!)

With wordpress we created key “categories” for Parker – “Athletes”, “Nutrition”, and “Workouts” – all components of a well-rounded, personal training business.

Parker’s clients come to her for the complete picture in training and health. The website had to offer that as well.

Each time Parker blogs about one of these categories, the site automatically propagates that page with content. And that content gets automatically archived. And so on. WordPress is a Content Management System that makes it easy for Parker to organize and add content, photos, podcasts, and videos – while pages fill with FRESH information. In other words, it keeps viewers coming back for more.

Parker’s “Athletes” page gives kudos to her dedicated clientele who have used the expertise she has infused them with to accomplish great feats.  They’re all singing her praise and so are we. Bad-ass Barbie has a powerful spirit, and here at Dayzign, we are proud to reflect that in a gorgeous website and logo design.

Read more about Carolyn Parker here.

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