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Catalog Design by Dayzign Graphics

We design to create desire.

When your target audience can see themselves in your product, using your product and living with your product, something important happens: your product becomes desirable. It embodies who they are and they can’t live another day without it. Great catalog design creates desire for your product.

From interpreting your brand image and understanding your customer to creating a visually attractive storybook of who you are, Dayzign has the experience to put together an organized, inviting catalog of your products.

What Are the Elements of Winning Catalog Design?

  • Photography – It has to capture the essence of your product in action and people have to see themselves in your story. Not only that, but your photographs need to make your product shine. Dayzign has the team to provide stunning product and lifestyle shots to emotionally tie your audience to your brand.
  • Writing – You can’t just say your stuff rocks (even though it does). We know the power behind great product descriptions. We also know the power of well-organized product information that makes it easy for customers to shop. Words create actions. We organize your information in a clean and inviting layout that leads your viewers to a sale.
  • Catalog Design – Your design has to take readers past the first page, and keep the pages turning. Our catalog design combines all of your important elements  – from great product photography, to organized product descriptions, color palette, fonts and layout – and builds an inspiring design that creates desire.

The Bottom Line on Catalog Design

It’s more than just organizing images on a page. Effective and impactful catalogs are borne from earning your audience’s attention and generating lasting impressions that create a desire for your product and lead customers to a sale.

We design remarkable lifestyle displays – a catalog design should show your audience what your product promises and place them inside your story. Dayzign would love to craft your story.

Brochure Design and Full Graphic Design Services

Here’s what we love about the entire gamut of graphic design: logo, print, website work…it all comes together to create a cohesive visual impression of your brand. It’s a symphony if done properly. Brochure design and other graphic design projects like posters, custom illustration for tshirts and the entire host of collateral that comprises a printed brand are additional ways for us to help you share your brand message with the world. We like creating visual symphonies. Perhaps you’ll allow us the privilege of writing your music.

Take the Next Step

Review our photos and read the stories behind our graphic design projects on our blog. There you’ll find print and logo designs, website designs, and loads of valuable tips as you plan your visual identity. Then, give us a call at [970] 209-2985 or drop us a line on our online contact form. We’ll be happy to set up a complimentary consultation to review your project and needs and how we can help you get the most out of your visual brand.