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Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in Latest Corporate Identity, Latest Custom Illustration, Latest Work | 0 comments

Kahtoola T-shirt Art – Appealing to Clients at a Heart Level

Kahtoola T-shirt Art – Appealing to Clients at a Heart Level


That’s why Danny Giovale, of Kahtoola Inc, approached me to create three paintings for his company branding.

Kahtoola founder Giovale not only designs snow-travel products, such as crampons and snowshoes, he also lives the outdoor lifestyle in Flagstaff, Arizona. With a deep knowing of that lifestyle, he decided to appeal to the outdoor person through a series of three paintings to be used for Kahtoola t-shirt art. Mountains, forests and snowy canyons were each a part in this authentic creative endeavor.

Danny sent me a box of the company’s marketing materials and brochures, and I made this painting entirely out of their brochures, paint, and pastel – a true representation of the company. I can’t wait to see them in print!

If you’re into mountain hiking in snowy conditions, check out this heartfelt company here:


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Girls are Meant to be REAL, Not Perfect

Girls are Meant to be REAL, Not Perfect

We’re not all pretty, perfect and polished, but a little inner strength goes a long way.

Through exercise, education and leadership, REAL Girls summer camp was conceived to help city girls develop self-esteem. Designed as a an after-school program based in Jupiter, Florida, the camp plans to target  girls from 9 to 18.

REAL Girls founder Deb Read believes that girls at this vulnerable age can use a little guidance understanding that they don’t have to be perfect, just real. Her background in outdoor education may be just the ingredient to shine light on girls, and show them what they can do by stepping outside city life.

Read asked Dayzign to create the logo based around a woodblock print she had created years ago. We took the print, stylized it for web and print uses, and created the logo, fonts and custom color palette.

WALA! Another fun and lively project. Thanks Deb!



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Axel Project Brings Bikes to Babes

Axel Project Brings Bikes to Babes

Axel Project brand identity, designed by Dayzign Graphics


Randy and Jen Charrette had a vision to introduce and nurture a lifelong passion for cycling to children and their families.

With a dream of starting a nonprofit in their son’s name, they came to Dayzign with a clear picture of their brand: a fun, energetic kid on a bike that inspires enthusiasm for cycling. They also wanted a website that makes it easy to donate and see what’s happening in the organization. First we tackled the logo, perfecting the look of our pedaling kiddo! Then we refined the graphic, chose the color palette and digitized the file for marketing uses from web to print to hats and shirts.

With a limited budget that nonprofits often have, Dayzign chose a WordPress website template to customize with the new brand.  The template offered a clear Donation feature that linked right to a Paypal account. A blog slider up front takes viewers from Home page photos right to that blog post. A calendar plugin makes it easy to feed Events onto the sidebar, with more information just one click away.

In short, Axel Project got a fully sophisticated website and company brand by opting for the wordpress template. Although these templates are not nearly as customizable visually as a custom website, they are perfect for organizations trying to get a message across who do not need full control over every aspect of their website’s appearance.

To get a glimpse of the great work Jen and Randy are doing, please visit Axel Project and enjoy the ride!

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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Latest Corporate Identity, Latest Work | 1 comment

Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home

San Juan Mountain Guides brand identity designSan Juan Mountain Guides is taking southwest Colorado by storm!

With the recent merger of two regional mountain guiding businesses, the new SJMG owners wanted to send a clear message to loyal customers: We’ve increased our territory to provide even greater adventure in the one of the most incredible mountain ranges – right here in Colorado.

In creating a NEW visual brand for the company, SJMG wanted to join already-established marketing efforts to brand the San Juan Mountains as the “Switzerland of America”.

To convey this message, Dayzign Graphics worked with SJMG to design a classic, European-style logo.

Using fonts, an illustration style and a color palette of this flavor, Dayzign modernized the traditional, Art Deco European climbing poster. The visual brand carried through this classic style, with a modern edge, to convey the cutting-edge skills of the Guides.

Once the logo was finalized, the new website was designed to combine the two businesses, and carry through the new Euro-style mountain climbing brand.

Dayzign’s specialty is a strong talent for visual brand design – we also understand a good site needs more than that.

We listened carefully to the new owners about the information that needed to be conveyed on the site, and designed a site organization with a clear location for all content, and a user-friendly navigation.

“Kellie has a unique ability to provide national class design without sacrificing the neighborly touch and friendly working relationships – it was a pleasure from beginning to end, and the final product exceeded our expectations”, says Andrew Klotz, SJMG Co-Owner.

SJMG was tons of fun to work with, and Dayzign was honored to be a part their clear vision and dedication. If you’re headed into the mountains, don’t miss the opportunity to adventure with San Juan Mountain Guides. Visit their new website here.

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