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Ouray Ice Park Poster Design

Ouray Ice Park Poster Design


“Love of Climbing”, the original mixed media painting will be auctioned off in Ouray this weekend

One of the most exciting  projects of the  year was the Ouray Ice Festival Poster.

I’ve created original artwork for the Ouray Ice Park in the past, and this year I decided to recreate the famous painting by Klimt, “The Kiss”, to represent the love of ice climbing.

Ice climbers are die-hard, and I wanted to capture that in this year’s poster. So I turned Klimt’s portrayal of two lovers into two climbers –just down from an exhilarating climb, still wrapped in ropes from their rappel, completely elated. It’s a feeling climbers know well.

ouray ice festival painting 2017 by kellie day I began this project by creating a loose collage on canvas, and painting thick layers of icy colored paint over the top. I combed and scraped the paint until it had a textured look and revealed some of the collage below. This added further depth and texture to the art.

I then layered papers and illustration over the painting to style the art for the Ouray Ice Park.

The best part about creating the Ice Fest poster is that I get to combine my love of fine art and mixed media painting, with graphic design. When the painting was complete, I had a professional photograph taken of the Ouray Ice Fest art, and used that to create the poster on my computer.

The Ouray Ice Park is a mecca for ice climbing in Colorado, and a place I love. This project is near and dear to my heart, as I spent a decade of my life climbing passionately in these mountains.

If you’re in the area this weekend, stop by the Ouray Ice Park to see the mile-long canyon of frozen waterfalls and ice climbers galore. Events take place this January 19-20 and include a climbing competition for public viewing on both Saturday and Sunday, along with evening events and entertainment!

This original painting will be auctioned off at the Ouray Ice Festival this weekend. You can contact me here to order prints.

Thanks to the Ouray Ice Park for another opportunity to work on this super fun project for a very worthy cause!



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Dolores River Festival poster catches eyes with custom illustration

Dolores River Festival poster catches eyes with custom illustration

Looking for a new way to make your event stand out? Think about using ART for a change.

At Dayzign Graphics, we’re huge fans of great photography and other graphics, but we know that to catch eyes and stand out from the crowd takes something a little different at times. When Gareth Martins of Osprey Packs approached us to do the Dolores River Festival (DRF) poster and use artwork as the main design element, we jumped at the chance!

Adding hand-drawn graphics and art to your print and web designs can speak visually on a deeper level to your audience, and have a stronger draw with your market.

In the past, Dayzign has been know for our custom illustration style used on Chicks with Picks and The North Face tshirts. Two years ago Dayzign owner Kellie Day picked up the brush and began painting mixed media works on canvas (see more at  Now we’re thrilled to be able to offer an even deeper level of creativity to our clients.

Dayzign isn’t the only one doing it:

The most recent Patagonia catalog cover featured a stunning Jeremy Collins illustration, several ski and snowboard magazines donned graffiti-style covers this winter, and Prana and Lulu Lemon are incorporating hand drawn doodles that further distinguish them from just another corporate website.

Speaking personally to your audience can increase customer loyalty. This is exactly what using hand drawn graphics does – it’s literally someone lending a personal hand.

In today’s world of corporate-looking websites, Dayzign can provide you with lot of ideas for customizing your visuals. Contact us today to begin distinguishing your marketing materials.

Finally, if you’re in southwest Colorado this June, we highly recommend stopping in at the Dolores River Festival June 4, for a sensational family event. Please visit their website for more information.

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Creating a Continuous Brand Design

Creating a Continuous Brand Design

San Juan Mountain Guides Takes their New Brand to Print


After designing the San Juan Mountain Guides’ (SJMG) new logo and website, Dayzign went to work on their brochure.

Good brand design includes the ability to not only create a strong visual, but to design promotional materials that translate well to various uses technically. The SJMG brochure had to have the same emotional impact of the website: inspire clients to adventure with the company.  It also had to maintain the brand “style guidelines”. This includes company colors, fonts, layout styles, logo and tagline,  to set them apart from other guiding companies, and reinforce what they have to offer.

SJMG owners Clint and Ryan Cook needed a print marketing piece that covered all four of their guiding seasons with equal impact. It also had to fit into Chamber of Commerce and hotel racks, while still being eye-catching.

Dayzign set up a “gate fold” brochure layout to give the center-piece photo the WOW it deserved upon opening the brochure. Inside, there are four panels to choose from, one for each adventure season.

Says owner Clint Cook, “Dayzign Graphics offered a high level of professional logo and web design customized for our unique needs. Kellie has a good eye for both appealing visual design and practical navigation. I would recommend Dayzign to any small business thats need a polished identity.”

Please visit to hire this great company for your next adventure!

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Tips for Planning a Successful Catalog Design:

Tips for Planning a Successful Catalog Design:

Tips for Successful Catalog Design


Catalog design has been called “The Art of Creating Desire”. In today’s competitive marketplace, where price and function of products are often equal, form prevails.

Successful catalog designers today have learned to create desire for products by appealing to people’s emotions. For example, picture driving your dream car through the Canadian Rockies, or down the Hawaiian coast. Good catalog design puts your product in a light that people believe will improve their lives or make them feel good. Be it a well-designed coffee pot or a luxury car, the way your product is presented will make all the difference in being the product of choice for consumers.

Know the Components of a Successful Catalog

Don’t sacrifice space for appeal: cramming products onto pages to save printing costs does not pay off in sales in most industries: showing products in use or in a flattering light is more likely to make a sale. For example: would you be more moved to buy a fly rod on a page with 20 fly rods, or a photo of a fly rod in the hands of a fisherman on a crystal clear stream?

The Importance of Relationships

Even though you’re communicating to your market via a catalog, you still need to earn their trust. Be sure to give them the information they need to make the decision to buy your product or service. How much you reveal depends upon your market. For example: serious athletes buying a mountain bike want every detail of technical information regarding how it handles. A shopper buying a toaster may be happy knowing what colors it comes in.

What is Your Market Appeal?

More than anything, your catalog must RELATE to your buyers. It must be attractive enough to appeal to them, but not so far out as to alienate them. Your choice in paper, color and design will all contribute to reaching your market. Think about these consumers and what appeals to them specifically when buying your product. What works for Coors does not necessarily work for Heineken, even though they are both selling beers.

Contact Dayzign for more information about catalog setup or to request a complementary estimate for your project.

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Going First Rate Pays Off

Going First Rate Pays Off

Chicago nonprofit H.O.W. goes top notch for their annual fundraiser and gala dinner

Chicago's Housing Opportunitites for Women (H.O.W.) annual invitation design

Housing Opportunities for Women (H.O.W.) is at the forefront of a national movement to end homelessness in Chicago. Last year they assisted over 900 people – nearly half of whom are children – in finding housing, education, nutrition and work opportunities. Their goal is to empower their clients toward lifelong self-sufficiency.

Despite tight economic times, this nonprofit continues to have greater fundraising and program success each year. How, you may ask? By going top-notch.

Each year, H.O.W.’s fundraising event is billed as a sophisticated, high-class program. The gala dinner includes caterers, entertainment and speakers. With professional invitations, Save the Date cards and dinner programs – all designed to match by Dayzign Graphics –  H.O.W. attracts a bigger and more generous audience each year.

Nonprofits historically are cautious about spending too much on promotions, understandably. However, H.O.W. found that by presenting themselves as a first class organization, they attracted a more supportive following. Their image helps to re-assure investors that their donations are being used to make a difference, by a truly effective organization.

Director of Development & Communications for H.O.W. Jen Patterson said of last year’s invitation, “The invitation looks wonderful … It was a joy to work with you, and I hope that we will have an opportunity to do so again in the future.”

If you’re interested in learning more about this fabulous organization, please watch the video of their work here.

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Colorado Women’s Adventure Retreats Gains Attention of Oprah Magazine

Colorado Women’s Adventure Retreats Gains Attention of Oprah Magazine

Mind Over Mountains women’s adventure retreats gained the interest of Oprah magazine by providing life changing experiences for women.

mind_over_mountains brand identity includes logo, presentation folders, brochures and website

The company was designed as a high-caliber business offering “thought provoking adventures” for women striving to create meaningful, passionate lives. The visual brand was created by Dayzign Graphics and included the logo, brochure, presentation folders and website.

This year, owner Kim Reynolds is developing her life coaching blog to further enhance and follow up the retreats she offers.  We had the honor of designing it – stay tuned to see the results!

If you’re interested in a life-changing Mind Over Mountains retreat, please visit the website for more information!

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