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Customize your website to meet client needs

Customize your website to meet client needs

Rigging for Rescue offers technical ropework seminars to military, fire, rescue teams, climbers and anyone in need of an in-depth knowledge of rope rescue. As technical as you want to get, they know their stuff.

They wanted equally as proficient a website, and we rose to the challenge and developed a custom client response system, along with a updated look for the site. To meet the needs of individuals and groups booking online, viewers can browse the seminars offered by category, and see all the details. Customers can then book online and receive letters, certifications, and specify group settings all through the site.

Meanwhile in the office, we trained R4R staff to maintain their site. And as always, we remain available for any support they need as their business grows. We know how tough it can be to get good web support, and we pride ourselves on good customer support.

Along with a new wordpress website design that’s in sync with their branding, Rigging for Rescue now has a stronger online brand than ever, that’s in sync with their logo we developed several years ago.

You can visit their new website here for a closer look! Thanks Rigging for Rescue!

If you’d like to create a new web design, or customize your website, please contact us here.

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How to Get Better Results with your Website  in 2017

How to Get Better Results with your Website in 2017

Wordpress website design for Moab Gear Trader

From creating authenticity, to converting  more sales with your site, here’s  how to get better results with your website  in 2017…

Authenticity in your Brand

With more and more websites looking the same as website design becomes streamlined with themes, it’s more important than ever to do away with stock photos and provide your own, personal imagery.

Customers and users today seek authenticity from the brands they use. Stock pictures of corporate people smiling just won’t cut it anymore. One way businesses are increasingly making this happen is through illustration.

“Illustrations are fantastic, versatile mediums for creating visuals which are playful and friendly and add an element of fun to a site. Talented illustrators are able to create illustrations which are full of personality and tailored to match the tone of the brand, something which brands will be striving for more than an ever in an increasingly crowded marketplace.” – Zazzle

Check out Dribble to see the latest in styles and trends with illustration. Another way to personalize your site is with a photoshoot of your team. Professional photoshoots are the wonderful, but don’t discount the power of taking casual photos and videos of your team with your smart phone. People love real people, and fun, casual shots on your social media can make your clients feel connected.

Moab Gear Trader uses fun, playful illustration that captures their brand and stands out from stock photography

Moab Gear Trader uses fun, playful illustration that captures their brand and stands out from stock photography

Design for Conversion

Your website “conversion” is how successful you are at getting your viewer to do what you want them to do. Whether it’s buy your product, register for your webinar, or sign up for your newsletter, 2017 is all about designing for successful conversion. But how to do that? Here are the nuts and bolts:

  1. Make your message clear when folks land on your HOME page (hint: big, bold type). Then make everything around what you offer really obvious. Mail Chimp’s giant message, “Easy Email Newsletters”, leaves no question as to what they offer.
  2. Have a Call to Action, and test it. Your Call to Action is that graphic and wording that should be on your every page, driving your viewers to do what you want them to do on your site. “Call to Book Your Appointment”. Try it different ways, with different words, different graphics, and find out what viewers respond to best.
  3. Have a clear headline and test that as well. Consider including a free trial, a percentage saved, or offering some sort of benefit on why they should take action NOW. Be clear, and avoid words or phrases you’d see in junk mail folder.
  4. Keep forms very short, and any sign up very simple.
  5. Test, test test, to see if what you are doing works. And always ask your customers how you are doing.

Read more about getting better conversion rates from your site here: … and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article for the list of tips.

Users still don’t want a lot of content ... provide "snackable" content on scrolling pages

Users still don’t want a lot of content … provide “snackable” content on scrolling pages

Clean web design.

Search engines need at least 200 words per page to be effective, but users still don’t want a lot of content. The solution? Have snackable content on scrolling pages for great results.

Let your layout shine by providing great content.

“The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading.” – Hermann Zapf

People visit sites for their content. Design’s purpose is to provide the content in a delightful way.

Responsive web design.

Responsive Design is a website that looks good when viewed on any size device from phone to desktop. This is now essential for every website, as more people are now viewing sites on mobile devices than desktops. You can see how yours cuts the mustard here:

Big Bold type

Think, inspiring copy. If you have an important page,  give your main message some real estate. Your words will be heard, and it will be fun to read. (see our Moab Gear Trader website design, above) The world is fast, and big type is powerful, and more likely to be heard.

Flat Design

Flat design is just a simpler design without all the shading that was so “in” a few years ago. It’s a cleaner look that makes it easier for users to navigate, because it’s crisp, and the loading times are speedier. Best of all, simpler typography makes it friendlier and more inviting to read. Here’s a good read by speckyboy that has great visual examples: .


Know your visitors and speak to them, conversationally. Gone are the days where your biography was written in third person. Now you get to tell your readers about yourself in a conversational tone. Like having your team photo on your site, the reader begins to feel they already know you, before they speak with you. This helps in developing an element of trust, which is essential for your client relationship, and ultimately sales. Follow your viewer’s behavior on google analytics, and see where they like going on your site. Then provide in-site links to your own pages to keep them there.

Email me here to talk about updating your site with any of these great trends for 2017!

Have a wonderful New Year!!


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Custom WordPress Website or Template Website?

Custom WordPress Website or Template Website?

The most important things to be sure of when creating a website are great content, intuitive navigation, website usability, fast loading and SEO friendly.

But which to choose –  a template website or a custom website? Here are a few things to think about …


Templates, or “Themes” as WordPress calls them (we build WordPress websites here at Dayzign) are increasingly popular because they are less expensive and faster to build.  The colors, layout and features are ready-to-go, and we add your own content and graphics to make it your own. There are many attractive themes out there, you just have to be sure the one you choose meets current web standards, is responsive, editable and SEO friendly. At Dayzign we generally suggest several themes to our clients to choose from, so we can be sure we start with a good product from the get go. Themed websites are great if your budget is lower, or you just need a “business card” website, and your functional needs are lower.

A website template is perfect for a nonprofit like the Ridgway Fire Department

A website template is perfect for a nonprofit like the Ridgway Fire Department

Personalizing your website theme

With so many folks using templates today, a lot of website designs are starting to look the same. If you’re going to go the route of a website template, be sure to personalize it with custom graphics to distinguish your brand and make it enjoyable for your viewers. We can create a great custom header that goes a long way in capturing your viewers’ attention, and add it into your template. This will HIGHLY distinguish your look from everyone else. Of course your logo design is a big part of that. We can also add some cool fonts for EXTRA pizzaaz!

Dayzign created a custom header and logo, along with using fun fonts on the Axel Project template

Dayzign created a custom header and logo, along with using fun fonts on the Axel Project template

Dayzign created a custom header and logo, along with using fun fonts on the Axel Project template


If your branding is intact and you don’t want to compromise that or your requirements for your website, then a custom website is the way to go. Additionally, if you have a lot of content and architecture, or want greater flexibility with your design and functions, then a custom website is also the way to go.

Greater design control

Most recently, we have been thrilled to work on several different custom websites for various departments at Northern Arizona University. With a custom site design, NAU can have complete control over the entire page layout. This is important to the University because they need to integrate university-wide design elements such as the header, footer, fonts and colors.

Fun features where and when they want them

Guess what? One of the benefits of WordPress is the many “plugins” or add-on features that can be popped into your wordpress site. From fun social media plugins to blog feeds to weather updates, music playlists and many, many, MANY more, you can make your website interesting to viewers by adding on great features. That’s the beauty of WordPress. For NAU, we’ve included such features as Event Booking, Social Feeds, Photo Galleries and more. If a custom design and greater control is important to you, then a custom website is the way to go. It’s fun to be able to have your website design at your fingertips and work with Dayzign to create the features you want, the way you want.

Whether you’re up for a WordPress Theme or a Custom Site, give us a call to discuss your project: 970-275-5186 or email Kellie.

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NEW Ouray Hot Springs Website Makes a Splash

NEW Ouray Hot Springs Website Makes a Splash

 Splish splash! The Ouray Hot Springs is promoting not just itself, but the Ouray area.

Much like the Ouray Ice Park, the Hot Springs understood that by promoting the Ouray area, the springs itself would increase visitors.

Through a newly designed wordpress website, Dayzign Graphics developed the components that were important to the Hot Springs. This included a Call to Action on each page, driving visitors to site goals, along with links to the Ouray Chamber and the Ouray Resort Association.

A Seasonal Experience

An interior page on the Ouray Hot Springs website, newly designed by Dayzign Graphics

An interior page on the Ouray Hot Springs website

It was also important to the City (the Hot Springs are a city entity), to highlight the rich history of the area, and the different experiences visitors have in summer vs. winter. For example, summers are busy, colorful and more family-oriented. Winters can be quite, steamy, and even romantic.

What Functionality Do You Need in a Website?

The Hot Springs needed not only an attractive website, but one that allowed online swim lesson registration and employment application. Dayzign’s developers incorporated an event sign-up component that allows visitors to register their children for different swim lessons, check availability, and pay online.

Job postings are listed through a separate plugin, where potential applicants can view job descriptions and fill out secure online applications. Job availability can be turned on or off by the Hot Springs.

A Site That’s Easy to Edit

As always, our clients can edit their own site, through the wordpress dashboard.

If you haven’t experience the amazing Ouray Hot Springs and the view that goes with it –  you can take a peek on the new website here.

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Maya Nut – A Website with a Library

Maya Nut – A Website with a Library

Maya Nut Institute is a gem that empowers women in Latin America economically and nutritionally through harvesting an ancient nut known as the Maya Nut.

Founder Erika Vohman learned about the Maya Nut while visiting Guatemala on an animal rescue mission in the 90’s. The Maya Nut tree is an ancient staple of Latin America, but long forgotten.

An interior page of the Maya Nut Institute website

An interior page of the Maya Nut Institute website

Vohman’s organization supports women to produce and distribute Maya Nut as a means for nutritional and economical sustenance.

A Website with a Library

Dayzign Graphics was the lucky firm chosen to develop a new website for the Institute this year. The undertaking was large due partly to an extensive, open- access library of documents and photos collected or written by Vohman. Students and researchers from all over the world can access the new library, with over 300 documents written by Spanish and English scientists.

The Language Component

The site also needed to be bi-lingual. Thus a wordpress feature was installed that allows each page to have a Spanish version. Viewers can click back and forth between English and Spanish pages as desired. The feature also detects the primary language of the user’s computer, and automatically displays the website in their native language.

A Design that Fits

The colorful, bright design gives a jungle feel with green bird and plant graphics. A media section chronicles CNN and other videos from around the world, on the Institute and the Maya Nut.

The Maya Nut Institute has created substantial Programs that include Reforestation, Children’s lunch programs, and Green Ranching, and many more, which are organized in an intuitive navigation.

Needless to say, Erika Vohman has made incredible accomplishments in young her life to date, helping many people and countries of Latin America.

You can enjoy reading more about the Maya Nut Institute here.

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Flagstaff Snowshoe Company – Running it Right

Flagstaff Snowshoe Company – Running it Right

The new Kahtoola Home page, with the San Francisco Peaks in the background

The new Kahtoola Home page, with the San Francisco Peaks in the background


Kahtoola sets a  business example by doing good things, supporting the environment, and keeping it as local as possible.

Handcrafting many of their products in house, and deeply tied to their geographical region, Kahtoola’s snowshoes, hiking crampons and Microspikes are a proud product to work with.

Looking to sculpt the company’s brand even more locally, and gain greater hands on with their website, the Kahtoola team came to Dayzign Graphics for their new online image. Keeping it locally tied with Flagstaff’s prominent San Francisco Peaks in the background, Dayzign sculpted a clean look that shows off stunning product photos, in use in our southwest mountainous region.

What was important to Kahtoola?

The "mega-navigation" gives viewers quick access to all products and enough info to make a quick decision on where they want to go

The “mega-navigation” gives viewers quick access to all products and enough info to make a quick decision on where they want to go

In order for viewers to gain quick access to the variety of products, Dayzign suggested a “mega-navigation”. On rollover, instead of the typical page listings of typical drop down menus, photos of each product are shown, with price and key info. This allows viewers to make a quick decision about where they’d like to go, without having to navigate through pages.

Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

Our partner SOF Inc of Durango worked diligently with Kathoola to get their site to look as appealing as possible on a variety of mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Although sites get bumped around from screen size to screen size, SOF incorporated parameters to keep the site looking clean in all formats.

Online shopping that ties into company software

As with all of our wordpress sites, shopping carts can be readily integrated. In this case, Kahtoola wanted to tie their online shopping into their in-house accounting.  Working together as a team with a variety of players, from custom design to final product, Kahtoola  has the business flow, information and look they wanted. Shopping pages feature great product photography,  tabbed tech specs, reviews, and “how-to” videos, along with other suggested products.

Bells and Whistles?

Lots of other great features went into this site to give Kahtoola exactly what they wanted. From a Dealer-only log in, to Pro-sales forms, a media “Clip Book”  and blog, Kahtoola now has greater access to updating their site, the look they desire, and a updated shopping flow. With wordpress, the site will be easily updatable and technologically current for  years to come.

If you’re looking for mountain footwear that travels well from rock to ice to snow, or just something stellar to slip on for an icy driveway, we highly recommend checking out Kahtoola.

Thanks to John Burcham and Paul Berg for their excellent photography and touch up!

To inquire about your new website design and build, email Kellie at Dayzign Graphics, or call (970)275-5186

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