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Energetics: One Woman Grows a Natural Healing Business

Energetics: One Woman Grows a Natural Healing Business

Carmen Tucker shows how its possible to blossom, and just keep growing.

Sharing valuable content is a key component to building  business through your website. Make your reader’s lives better, and they’re likely to return – and therefore more likely to become a loyal customer.

Carmen Tucker is doing just that. Her natural healing business has taken a turn out of her home and into the world wide web. Dayzign created a website for the business where Carmen can grow her customer base by sharing valuable content in her new Resources section.

Along with a “Health Tips Blog”, where Carmen can share natural healing advice, Dayzign created a Resource section of the website where Carmen can share videos, books, websites and other health resources she finds valuable. All of these tools are easily integrated into her WordPress site, and serve to reinforce her clientele.

Carmen came to Dayzign with a simple business card that she loved. We took the colors and sunflower image and built the visual brand for her website – bright and cheerful, just like Carmen!

If you’d like to explore an alternative healing practice, visit Energetics and take a look at what Carmen has to offer. Her energy alone will inspire you!

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NAU News

NAU News

NAU news website, designed by Dayzign GraphicsThe  new NAU News site allows several key departments to feed news articles into one succinct site.

Following University branding guidelines, Dayzign took the client’s requests and built one snazzy site, all editable by the news department staff and students.

Website highlights include:

  • An attractive and highly organized design that’s in sync with the rest of NAU’s sites.
  • Featured writers such as the University President and guest columnists share their thoughts in regular columns.
  • A Home page slide show brings attention to important articles  – all clickable to the full articles.
  • Google photostream is fed into a snapshot view, clickable to larger photos.
  • Each department, such as “Campus & Community”, “Faculty & Staff”, “Athletics” and more, has their own blog page where are articles are automatically archived.
  • Campus & Community Events Calendars
  • Subscribe option
  • The NAU News site is tied in with the entire NAU University site, via a consistent header and footer that leads to the main University links.

Dayzign Graphics designed the site based on the needs of the News Department, and their desire to update the entire site from one office.

All of the above elements were organized with precision and built on a WordPress platform, making this site in sync with the main NAU website, and easily searchable.

Thanks to NAU for the opportunity to work with such a great team! Click here to see the new NAU News site!

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Bad-ass Barbie gets a facelift

Bad-ass Barbie gets a facelift

Athenafit personal trainer, albuquerque NM

The owner of Athenafit provides more than dead weight during personal training sessions…

Carolyn Parker, a.k.a. “Bad-ass Barbie” dishes out inspiration, nutrition and workouts, along with laughter and tears with her many, dedicated clients.

Parker has a growing business and a passionate clientele.

After building a new training studio, she teamed up with Dayzign Graphics to take her visual brand to the next level of inspiration. We started with her Greek-goddess inspired logo, Athena, and toughen her up a bit. There’s still love and compassion in the figure, but people don’t come to Carolyn Parker for compassion. They come to get hard bodies and set big goals.

Once the new logo was in place, we hit the ground running with an updated website design to match. The site layout, color palette and fonts were established and then built in wordpress. (Our fav!)

With wordpress we created key “categories” for Parker – “Athletes”, “Nutrition”, and “Workouts” – all components of a well-rounded, personal training business.

Parker’s clients come to her for the complete picture in training and health. The website had to offer that as well.

Each time Parker blogs about one of these categories, the site automatically propagates that page with content. And that content gets automatically archived. And so on. WordPress is a Content Management System that makes it easy for Parker to organize and add content, photos, podcasts, and videos – while pages fill with FRESH information. In other words, it keeps viewers coming back for more.

Parker’s “Athletes” page gives kudos to her dedicated clientele who have used the expertise she has infused them with to accomplish great feats.  They’re all singing her praise and so are we. Bad-ass Barbie has a powerful spirit, and here at Dayzign, we are proud to reflect that in a gorgeous website and logo design.

Read more about Carolyn Parker here.

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Warm up potential clients with your website

Warm up potential clients with your website

An inviting site for Arizona Physical Therapy group CoreBalance

For many personal, service based businesses such as health care – the question that’s often asked is: what makes a client choose to work with you over someone else? Answer: They have to feel comfortable with you, personally.

How do you instill this trust in a potential client before a personal contact is made?

For CoreBalance’s practice, the goal was to create the feeling of warmth and personal service through the new website design. Because today’s sophisticated market uses your website as a way to decide if they feel comfortable working with you,  CoreBalance made their website update a priority.

Here are a few things Dayzign and CoreBalance used to create a effective website and marketing tool:

We wanted to give potential patients a sense of what it feels like to be at the practice. So we designed a trustworthy, professional look and feel. Dayzign used CoreBalance’s website to strengthen their branding further by featuring their logo, company colors and graphic elements into a warm, inviting site. We also created a “header graphic” at the top of each page that reflects CoreBalance’s clients. The visual brand includes:

  • A professionally designed brand and graphics
  • Inviting, high-quality photos
  • A user-friendly site organization

We backed up the design with substantial content. Dayzign built a blog into CoreBalance’s site where they published researched articles and physical therapy advice that address the concerns of their clientele. The site includes:

  • Professional quality writing
  • Informative writing, oriented toward what the VIEWER is looking for
  • Showing their credentials and future testimonials

Lead every viewer to your site goal. Dayzign built the phone number and “Call to Action” at the top of each page, and additionally at the bottom of each page. A “Join our Mailing List” form was placed on every page as well, encouraging folks to share their email address for marketing purposes. To use your website as a effective marketing tool, be sure to include:

  • A clear “Call to Action” to make a sale, educate or get a phone call, depending on what your site goal is
  • Have a “Join Our Mailing List” form to collect emails for marketing
  • Include your contact information in an obvious location

There are so many features that can be included in your website, depending on your goals, your market and your brand.

Dayzign additionally incorporated media pages with CoreBalance videos and podcasts, along with social networking logos and twitter feed. Through all of these interactive elements, CoreBalance can easily keep their site current, and develop their community following online by providing great content to their viewers.

Of the new website, Owner Amy Flory says,”Kellie has that amazing ability to translate your esoteric ideas into something better than you imagined. She was a dream to work with during the design process, very patient and  informative.  She is uniquely capable of making you feel quite smart while firmly guiding you in the right direction! We are very pleased with the end result and will definitely seek her services in the future!”

Thanks Amy, we loved working with you too! Visit the new CoreBalance website for great information on physical therapy.

For recommendations on your site, contact Dayzign Graphics for  today: (970) 626-4437 or [email protected] .

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Community development KEY for Mountain Trip

Community development KEY for Mountain Trip

Mountain Trip – Big mountains, big excitement, big fun. And now, a big new website!

Mountain Trip's new website design & database

Mountain Trip is growing fast! This year they were ready to update their website design, and create a more sophisticated website tool that functions as a client management system. They also wanted to capture their “family” style business environment within their online community. Here’s how we did it:

Dayzign updated the website design and added MANY new features, including these:

  • Stellar photos and slide shows (Thanks to all our photographers!)
  • A Home page slide show that doubles as a marketing tool by highlighting key trips and directing viewers straight to these pages
  • Online community development features: Mountain Trip’s a family. We created media pages with videos, and incorporated their podcasts and social networking links throughout the site and blog, so fans can keep up on this adventure community. More planned for the future – stay tuned on this one!
  • Of course it’s the details that make a site, so we added lots of classy design touches along the way

Simultaneously we developed a database behind the scenes that is two sided:

  1. Clients can sign up for a trip online and their application goes directly into the database
  2. Mountain Trip staff can access the database from an Administrative side and enter client data, do searches and export mailing lists for marketing purposes – more development to come!

Content is King

  • Content is king in the web world, so Mountain Trip owners Todd and Bill put LOTS of personal touches in their writing.
  • They’re also big on Giving Back, and the website features the charities they support, including climbing trips organized exclusively for fundraising
  • Dayzign imported MT’s “Trip Reports” blogs from various expeditions, where families can follow their loved ones on their expeditions.  MT guides now update their trips, FROM THE FIELD, all into one website platform. So families have the latest news at their fingertips.

Finally, because the site is built on a WordPress platform, it’s easy for Mountain Trip to update, including adding photos to slide shows, creating new content, adding videos, and even adding Trip Reports remotely from Mt. Everest!

Hats off to Mountain Trip – they walk the walk and are a true role model for a business that does GOOD things. Visit their site for your next adventure!

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Ouray Ice Park – A Community Team Player

Ouray Ice Park – A Community Team Player

If it seems like Dayzign is talking a lot about “Community” lately, you’re right. That’s because the one great thing to come out of tough economic times is a closer-knit business community.  In our southwestern Colorado mountains, it’s never been so apparent that helping your neighboring business is helping yourself.

Ouray Ice Park website redesign by Dayzign Graphics

That’s the philosophy the Ouray Ice Park took on with their new website design. “We’re selling Ouray, not just the Park”, one Board Member pointed out during an initial conceptual meeting. In other words – to sell Ouray brings in visitors, to bring in visitors, sells the Ice Park. Happily, this is a trend I am consistently seeing with clients.

The site design is – of course – a gorgeous new site design with the usual WordPress website benefits:

  • Inspiring slide shows
  • Organized blog feeds
  • Current weather feeds
  • Maps
  • Online store
  • and MORE!…

But it’s not just a pretty picture. As you walk through the beautiful photographs (Thanks to our generous Photographers!), you’ll find yourself appreciating Ouray itself, not just the Park. Photos of the backdrop, the San Juan Mountains, and photos of the town and local Hot Springs, along with Ice Climbers on steep blue falls, sell the complete picture.

You Scratch My Back …

Never has the “You scratch my back/I’ll scratch yours” philosophy been more perfect. I’m finding local Ouray businesses and organizations to be more community minded than ever. For example, on the Ouray Ice Park site, Travel Planner and Friends pages take viewers through the logistics of planning their Ouray Vacation. Thus selling local restaurants, hotels and activities along with The Park.

Says Ice Park Board Member Mike McLeod of the project, “We were already well acquainted with Dayzign Graphics by reputation.  In the visually-driven web world, Kellie’s awesome work speaks for itself.  We especially appreciate the fact that Kellie was so quickly able to capture the essence of our message in designing a web presence and promotional materials that tell our story.  Kellie worked as part of our team, but also played the important part of project manager by keeping us focused and on track. The result was a well run project with a fantastic final product.”

What was missing from the last economic boom?

We all love profit, let’s face it. But I’m a big fan of the localized, and even state and regional-wide teamwork I’m seeing come out of tougher times. Here’s to a greater Community profit in the future!

For your next winter vacation in paradise, check out Ouray and the Ice Park Website!

To discuss redesigning your website contact Dayzign Graphics for a complementary consultation.

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