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Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Latest Custom Illustration | 0 comments

Evolution of an Ice Climbing Business

Evolution of an Ice Climbing Business

Started as a means to teach women self-sufficiency in ice climbing, Chicks with Picks has become a key business in building commraderie in the climbing world.

Co-Founder Kim Reynolds realized that much of the initial attraction to chicks was the sassy, independent attitude reflected in the logo and brand. She has continually built this brand over the last 15 years, beginning with the logo, and including yearly, hand-drawn tshirts.

The Chicks brand is strongly backed by quality built ice climbing clinics for women, that include strong female leadership and skill building. Gals from all over the country visit Ouray, Colorado each year to attend Chicks clinics. There’s one for every skill level.

Coming up on 15 years of being in the biz, Head Chick Reynolds felt the Shiva (Indian God/Goddess) themed tshirt illustration reflected the evolution of the business, and the strength and balance women have in so many aspects of their lives as mothers, business women, and climbers.

You can visit the Chicks with Picks website here, which is being redesigned as we speak.

Interested in a custom illustration? Contact Kellie Day here or call (970) 275-5186

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Flagstaff Snowshoe Company – Running it Right

Flagstaff Snowshoe Company – Running it Right

The new Kahtoola Home page, with the San Francisco Peaks in the background

The new Kahtoola Home page, with the San Francisco Peaks in the background


Kahtoola sets a  business example by doing good things, supporting the environment, and keeping it as local as possible.

Handcrafting many of their products in house, and deeply tied to their geographical region, Kahtoola’s snowshoes, hiking crampons and Microspikes are a proud product to work with.

Looking to sculpt the company’s brand even more locally, and gain greater hands on with their website, the Kahtoola team came to Dayzign Graphics for their new online image. Keeping it locally tied with Flagstaff’s prominent San Francisco Peaks in the background, Dayzign sculpted a clean look that shows off stunning product photos, in use in our southwest mountainous region.

What was important to Kahtoola?

The "mega-navigation" gives viewers quick access to all products and enough info to make a quick decision on where they want to go

The “mega-navigation” gives viewers quick access to all products and enough info to make a quick decision on where they want to go

In order for viewers to gain quick access to the variety of products, Dayzign suggested a “mega-navigation”. On rollover, instead of the typical page listings of typical drop down menus, photos of each product are shown, with price and key info. This allows viewers to make a quick decision about where they’d like to go, without having to navigate through pages.

Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

Our partner SOF Inc of Durango worked diligently with Kathoola to get their site to look as appealing as possible on a variety of mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Although sites get bumped around from screen size to screen size, SOF incorporated parameters to keep the site looking clean in all formats.

Online shopping that ties into company software

As with all of our wordpress sites, shopping carts can be readily integrated. In this case, Kahtoola wanted to tie their online shopping into their in-house accounting.  Working together as a team with a variety of players, from custom design to final product, Kahtoola  has the business flow, information and look they wanted. Shopping pages feature great product photography,  tabbed tech specs, reviews, and “how-to” videos, along with other suggested products.

Bells and Whistles?

Lots of other great features went into this site to give Kahtoola exactly what they wanted. From a Dealer-only log in, to Pro-sales forms, a media “Clip Book”  and blog, Kahtoola now has greater access to updating their site, the look they desire, and a updated shopping flow. With wordpress, the site will be easily updatable and technologically current for  years to come.

If you’re looking for mountain footwear that travels well from rock to ice to snow, or just something stellar to slip on for an icy driveway, we highly recommend checking out Kahtoola.

Thanks to John Burcham and Paul Berg for their excellent photography and touch up!

To inquire about your new website design and build, email Kellie at Dayzign Graphics, or call (970)275-5186

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Girls are Meant to be REAL, Not Perfect

Girls are Meant to be REAL, Not Perfect

We’re not all pretty, perfect and polished, but a little inner strength goes a long way.

Through exercise, education and leadership, REAL Girls summer camp was conceived to help city girls develop self-esteem. Designed as a an after-school program based in Jupiter, Florida, the camp plans to target  girls from 9 to 18.

REAL Girls founder Deb Read believes that girls at this vulnerable age can use a little guidance understanding that they don’t have to be perfect, just real. Her background in outdoor education may be just the ingredient to shine light on girls, and show them what they can do by stepping outside city life.

Read asked Dayzign to create the logo based around a woodblock print she had created years ago. We took the print, stylized it for web and print uses, and created the logo, fonts and custom color palette.

WALA! Another fun and lively project. Thanks Deb!



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Axel Project Brings Bikes to Babes

Axel Project Brings Bikes to Babes

Axel Project brand identity, designed by Dayzign Graphics


Randy and Jen Charrette had a vision to introduce and nurture a lifelong passion for cycling to children and their families.

With a dream of starting a nonprofit in their son’s name, they came to Dayzign with a clear picture of their brand: a fun, energetic kid on a bike that inspires enthusiasm for cycling. They also wanted a website that makes it easy to donate and see what’s happening in the organization. First we tackled the logo, perfecting the look of our pedaling kiddo! Then we refined the graphic, chose the color palette and digitized the file for marketing uses from web to print to hats and shirts.

With a limited budget that nonprofits often have, Dayzign chose a WordPress website template to customize with the new brand.  The template offered a clear Donation feature that linked right to a Paypal account. A blog slider up front takes viewers from Home page photos right to that blog post. A calendar plugin makes it easy to feed Events onto the sidebar, with more information just one click away.

In short, Axel Project got a fully sophisticated website and company brand by opting for the wordpress template. Although these templates are not nearly as customizable visually as a custom website, they are perfect for organizations trying to get a message across who do not need full control over every aspect of their website’s appearance.

To get a glimpse of the great work Jen and Randy are doing, please visit Axel Project and enjoy the ride!

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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Latest Website Design | 2 comments

Energetics: One Woman Grows a Natural Healing Business

Energetics: One Woman Grows a Natural Healing Business

Carmen Tucker shows how its possible to blossom, and just keep growing.

Sharing valuable content is a key component to building  business through your website. Make your reader’s lives better, and they’re likely to return – and therefore more likely to become a loyal customer.

Carmen Tucker is doing just that. Her natural healing business has taken a turn out of her home and into the world wide web. Dayzign created a website for the business where Carmen can grow her customer base by sharing valuable content in her new Resources section.

Along with a “Health Tips Blog”, where Carmen can share natural healing advice, Dayzign created a Resource section of the website where Carmen can share videos, books, websites and other health resources she finds valuable. All of these tools are easily integrated into her WordPress site, and serve to reinforce her clientele.

Carmen came to Dayzign with a simple business card that she loved. We took the colors and sunflower image and built the visual brand for her website – bright and cheerful, just like Carmen!

If you’d like to explore an alternative healing practice, visit Energetics and take a look at what Carmen has to offer. Her energy alone will inspire you!

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