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Step Into a Snowshoe Photoshoot

Step Into a Snowshoe Photoshoot

Months of planning fell into place perfectly when the week long Kahtoola photoshoot came to fruition.

A week long snowshoe photoshoot in southwest Colorado – what could be more perfect? High peaks, rocky crags, icy creeks and just plain endless scenery.

Like every outdoor company, Kahtoola needed great lifestyle photos of their products for marketing. Website, catalog, trade shows – you name it – this growing Flagtaff, Arizona company was ready for it. When Dayzign spoke with them last year, we suggested southwest Colorado as the perfect fit. They went for it, and the planning began…

Photographer John Burcham in action

Photographer John Burcham in action

Models, location scouting, shot lists, clothing lists, and budgets. Dayzign teamed with Jen Saunders Design of Flagstaff and put together the perfect team. Photographer John Burcham, with his years of outdoor adventure photography experience, was the ideal person for the job. Dayzign began preliminary location scouting.

The shoot began with two days of final location scouting with John and his Assistant Ken Hamilton. Products to be shot were the fabulous Kahtoola Mountain Snowshoe, Running Snowshoe, Microspikes and Crampons.

Day two Art Director Jen Saunders arrived with the wardrobe. Jackets, shoes, hats gloves and products were organized to model sizes and shoot days.

Kahtoola photoshoot

Shooting snowshoes between 25 walls of avalanche debris

Day three our first models arrived looking fit and fantastic! We actually shot this day in the middle of a gigantic pile of avalanche debris – it formed a twenty five foot snow wall on either side of the road for 300 feet. It was an amazing feature, and a true photo opportunity.

The rest of the week we shot product close ups, big mountain views, hut photos, crampons on icy terrain and ski town views of models walking dogs in Microspikes. (Thanks to Dawn Glanc for loaning us her beautiful chocolate lab Lucy for the shoot!)

It was amazing to watch John, our pro photographer and his assistant Keny work through all the outdoor conditions, from warm and sunny to full-on 60mph winds at 12,000 feet on a snowy ridge. They were able to produce amazing work the entire week.

Professional photographers Kenny Hamilton and John Burcham shooting in a high mountain hut

Professional photographers Kenny Hamilton and John Burcham shooting in a high mountain hut

Thanks to the entire crew for an amazing, fun and professional experience. We can’t wait to use John’s photos in Kahtoola’s marketing materials and website for 2012.

If you’re in the market for snowshoes or approach crampons or Microspikes, be sure to check out Kahtoola and their super high quality products. Be sure to check out John Burcham‘s photography as well.

If you have a product you’d like Dayzign to organize a photoshoot for, contact [email protected] or (970) 626-4437.

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