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Tips for Planning a Successful Catalog Design:

Tips for Planning a Successful Catalog Design:

Tips for Successful Catalog Design


Catalog design has been called “The Art of Creating Desire”. In today’s competitive marketplace, where price and function of products are often equal, form prevails.

Successful catalog designers today have learned to create desire for products by appealing to people’s emotions. For example, picture driving your dream car through the Canadian Rockies, or down the Hawaiian coast. Good catalog design puts your product in a light that people believe will improve their lives or make them feel good. Be it a well-designed coffee pot or a luxury car, the way your product is presented will make all the difference in being the product of choice for consumers.

Know the Components of a Successful Catalog

Don’t sacrifice space for appeal: cramming products onto pages to save printing costs does not pay off in sales in most industries: showing products in use or in a flattering light is more likely to make a sale. For example: would you be more moved to buy a fly rod on a page with 20 fly rods, or a photo of a fly rod in the hands of a fisherman on a crystal clear stream?

The Importance of Relationships

Even though you’re communicating to your market via a catalog, you still need to earn their trust. Be sure to give them the information they need to make the decision to buy your product or service. How much you reveal depends upon your market. For example: serious athletes buying a mountain bike want every detail of technical information regarding how it handles. A shopper buying a toaster may be happy knowing what colors it comes in.

What is Your Market Appeal?

More than anything, your catalog must RELATE to your buyers. It must be attractive enough to appeal to them, but not so far out as to alienate them. Your choice in paper, color and design will all contribute to reaching your market. Think about these consumers and what appeals to them specifically when buying your product. What works for Coors does not necessarily work for Heineken, even though they are both selling beers.

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