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Custom Illustration by Kellie Day


For Fine Art Illustration, please visit

Lots of people draw, paint and doodle. I do, too, and I have my own unique style that may be just what you’re looking for. I love using illustration to help clients create an important project that strengthens their brand with a very personalized approach. Whether it’s tshirts, banners for trade shows, poster illustration, artistic packaging or children’s books, I can bring your project to life with positive energy and uplifting illustration.

I am also a fine artist, working in mixed media format. Head on over to if you’d like to see my fine art work, which has a very rich and complex approach that is entirely different from the styles shown here.

How Do People Use Custom Graphic Work Like Illustration?

  • Magazine articles need illustrations that convey the story to get the point across and add interest.
  • T-Shirts for special events, promotions or for sale
  • Artistic logo design for products with personality
  • Custom artwork for music, speaker and event posters
  • Book Covers and children’s books
  • Unique packaging with a hand-drawn look
  • Artistic Corporate identity

How Can Dayzign Help Us “Draw” Our Audience In?

Even if you already have a stunning visual brand, there are just some instances where you need a little added visual “oomph.” That’s where a custom illustration can make the difference between the same old, same old and that thing I love the most: the WOW.

Ready to Draw In Your Audience?

If you have an interesting project, I’d love to hear more…Tell me what you need, and how I can help you. You can use the online contact form or give me a call at (970) 275-5186.

To see other style options, be sure visit my fine art portfolio as well: