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Key Web Design Trends for 2013

Key Web Design Trends for 2013

dayzign graphics responsive web design

Responsive Web Design adapts to varying screen sizes

2013 is all about usability, content and modern style. There are many trends for where web design is headed this year, here are our top picks:

Responsive Web Design

With more and more tablets and smart phones on the market, an increased share of your viewers are seeing your website on a mobile device. To build a website for each screen size would be costly.

Responsive web design solves this problem by adapting to various screen sizes with one fluid design. These designs neatly distribute content across a wide variety of mobile devices.  To see an example visit

If you’re making the investment this year to update your site, make it worthwhile by building a Responsive site. WordPress websites have excellent mobile themes that Dayzign Graphics can customize with your company’s visual brand.

Translating Branding through the Website

People should be able to recognize your brand in seconds. In 2013 designers will focus more on selecting design elements that will translate your business and brand through your website. This includes incorporating your company colors, typography and logo throughout more and more aspects of your site.

As web templates increase in popularity, you can leverage this trend by strengthening your visual brand throughout your website, to stand out in your market.

Typography – A Website Foundation

Which fonts to use for your site is no longer a small decision. Designers now have many web fonts to choose from, and the fonts you use will play a large part in how your site looks, and the hierarchy of how you lead viewers through your content. In other words: type creates a map for your message.

Quality Content – Get higher Search Engine Rankings

Google has changed its algorhythm to place more emphasis on quality content. This means it’s no longer enough to simply optimize your web pages for search engines. In order to build rank with google and build trust with your customers, web owners must create valuable, share-worthy content that shows off your expertise. This can include blogging, pod-casting, newsletters, and video.

Share worthwhile information with your viewers and improve the lives of the people you reach.

Contact Dayzign Graphics to discuss incorporating these trends into your website: [email protected]


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