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Ouray Ice Park – A Community Team Player

Ouray Ice Park – A Community Team Player

If it seems like Dayzign is talking a lot about “Community” lately, you’re right. That’s because the one great thing to come out of tough economic times is a closer-knit business community.  In our southwestern Colorado mountains, it’s never been so apparent that helping your neighboring business is helping yourself.

Ouray Ice Park website redesign by Dayzign Graphics

That’s the philosophy the Ouray Ice Park took on with their new website design. “We’re selling Ouray, not just the Park”, one Board Member pointed out during an initial conceptual meeting. In other words – to sell Ouray brings in visitors, to bring in visitors, sells the Ice Park. Happily, this is a trend I am consistently seeing with clients.

The site design is – of course – a gorgeous new site design with the usual WordPress website benefits:

  • Inspiring slide shows
  • Organized blog feeds
  • Current weather feeds
  • Maps
  • Online store
  • and MORE!…

But it’s not just a pretty picture. As you walk through the beautiful photographs (Thanks to our generous Photographers!), you’ll find yourself appreciating Ouray itself, not just the Park. Photos of the backdrop, the San Juan Mountains, and photos of the town and local Hot Springs, along with Ice Climbers on steep blue falls, sell the complete picture.

You Scratch My Back …

Never has the “You scratch my back/I’ll scratch yours” philosophy been more perfect. I’m finding local Ouray businesses and organizations to be more community minded than ever. For example, on the Ouray Ice Park site, Travel Planner and Friends pages take viewers through the logistics of planning their Ouray Vacation. Thus selling local restaurants, hotels and activities along with The Park.

Says Ice Park Board Member Mike McLeod of the project, “We were already well acquainted with Dayzign Graphics by reputation.  In the visually-driven web world, Kellie’s awesome work speaks for itself.  We especially appreciate the fact that Kellie was so quickly able to capture the essence of our message in designing a web presence and promotional materials that tell our story.  Kellie worked as part of our team, but also played the important part of project manager by keeping us focused and on track. The result was a well run project with a fantastic final product.”

What was missing from the last economic boom?

We all love profit, let’s face it. But I’m a big fan of the localized, and even state and regional-wide teamwork I’m seeing come out of tougher times. Here’s to a greater Community profit in the future!

For your next winter vacation in paradise, check out Ouray and the Ice Park Website!

To discuss redesigning your website contact Dayzign Graphics for a complementary consultation.

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