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A Website for Phoebe Sophocles Custom Textiles

A Website for Phoebe Sophocles Custom Textiles

Hand sewn textiles with vibrant fabrics from around the world.

phoebe Sophocles Website

One of the challenges of web design is to make a site more than 2 dimensional … so when Dayzign had the opportunity to create a website for custom textiles as colorful and brilliant as Phoebe Sophocles’ – how could we resist?

Our design process began with a visit to Phoebe’s home on a local mesa to get a feel for her style. This alone was a treat for the senses – to see the layout, materials and textures used to build her amazing home. Never mind the homemade bread and soup she offered for lunch!

Phoebe’s work was taking off and she was ready to have an online presence. She wanted to be able to update the site herself, and most of all, to capture her fabrics, colors and products in the website design. Which, of course, is what we do best here at Dayzign.

We used close-up photos of Phoebe’s fabrics as design elements in the site to give the viewer a sense for how it would feel to be up close and personal with one of Phoebe’s pieces. Background fabric helps the site to stand out from the page and have depth. A color palette was created based on these design elements, and a logo incorporated.

Slide shows of scarves, table runners, pillows, door hangings and custom textiles give viewers a sense of the breadth of her work. And of course, the site is full of the brilliant colors of the fabrics themselves.

Dayzign set this site up as a custom wordpress website, so Phoebe can post her pieces as soon as they are created and they’re automatically highlighted on the Home page with a link to her built in blog. All at this lovely lady’s fingertips!

If you’re looking for a custom pillow or door hanging to set the style of your favorite room, we recommend you take a look at Phoebe’s custom textiles on her new website: The right piece can really make a room!

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